Transvaginal Ultrasound

Pictures of T-series transducers for Aplio series, Xario series and Artida_PVT-781VT

Transvaginal ultrasound uses a specially designed ultrasound probe inside the vagina to examine the internal female reproductive organs. It is also used in early pregnancy to detect a pregnancy, confirm fetal viability and ensure the pregnancy is growing normally in the uterus and not in the fallopian tube (ectopic pregnancy), Sometimes transvaginal ultrasound is used later in pregnancy to determine the length of the cervix, a predictor of preterm birth, or the location of the placenta. This type of examination is necessary because the closer the sound waves are to the area of the body that is being examined, the better the quality of the images. This is not a painful procedure. A minority of women experience some discomfort. If the examination is uncomfortable, tell your songrapher. You do not need a full bladder for this examination. The transvaginal probe is disinfected after each examination and also placed inside in a disposable latex free cover and lubricated with sterile gel before insertion. If you have any questions before the examination please ask your sonographer.